Optimal support for mobility and distribution

Traffic jams and poor air quality are what nobody wants. The topic of mobility therefore also plays an important role in the Green Innovation Hub in the context of sustainable, inclusive and healthy future living environments. Think of new mobility concepts for residential areas with shared transport, traffic optimisation, smart-infra and mobility-as-a-service. But also think about developing green and bicycle-friendly infrastructure for cities. Or promoting electric public transport to reduce CO2 emissions.

Three focus areas

Public and private parties work together in co-creation on concepts and tools that provide for the following goals. Stimulating:

  1. Sustainable and smart (personal) mobility to and from Almere, but also applicable to other living environments;
  2. Affordable mobility;
  3. Efficient (industrial) transport flows.

Smart Mobility: for smooth traffic flow

Smart Mobility is about smart applications of ICT and data to solve mobility challenges. With the implementation of smart mobility, Almere wants to improve the quality of life of its residents. In the Green Innovation Hub, innovative companies and organizations are also working together in this area. For example, the integration of transport modes such as bicycles, electric cars and public transport into one network is essential. This allows residents to choose the most efficient and environmentally friendly option for their daily commute. The Municipality of Almere has installed a network of charging stations for electric vehicles and bicycle docks for easy switching between modes of transportation.

Do you want to make a difference in
mobility innovation?