Schools Reinventing Netherlands starts in Almere

Schools Reinventing Netherlands is a nationwide initiative that challenges students and pupils to design and visualise creative innovative climate solutions through Minecraft Education. Seven cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Almere are taking part in this design competition, encouraging schools of all levels to think about solutions around sustainable living.

In Almere, we have big plans for the Hortus district. There is room for living, working and studying. During construction, we want to use the most innovative applications with attention to nature and the changing climate. By putting smart technologies to good use, we want to ensure sustainable transport, clean energy, sufficient food and that everyone feels welcome and connected.

Do you have ideas for the future Hortus district? Sign up, build and win!

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What does the challenge involve?

Contribute to the future of Hortus district. Your ideas will form the basis for what this new area will look like. Think about:

  • A lot of people need to live there. What will the houses and neighbourhoods look like?
  • Construction should also be smart. Where will the materials come from? Are there materials from the neighbourhood that can be used?
  • There will also be businesses or facilities such as a supermarket or a sports facility. How and where will these be built? How do people and goods move and are facilities accessible?
  • Technology continues to develop. What smart technology can be used in homes and buildings?
  • Being energy efficient is important. How can houses and buildings be made energy efficient and even generate and store energy?
  • The district must also be nature- and climate-friendly in the future. How do you build future-proof with an eye for nature and climate?

How does the challenge work?

Want to know how you can participate in the challenge to make a difference for the city of Almere?

  1. Sign up!
  2. Download Minecraft Education and find the world “Schools Reinventing Netherlands” in the library.
  3. Once inside, you will meet an urban planner who will guide you in choosing your city on the map.
  4. Choose the city of Almere on the map. Everyone is invited to participate in this challenge!
  5. Talk to the mayor and learn more about sustainability and climate action in Almere.
  6. Design and build a solution to a problem you have discovered to make an aspect of your city more sustainable.
  7. Create a video of up to 2 minutes and upload the video as hidden on YouTube. Send the link of the video to to complete the challenge.
  8. Video instructions: State your first name, your school, class/college year, and a contact option for profit info. Do not share additional personal info.


The winner per educational level will have the chance to be delegated to the national final, where they will be able to present their elaboration and video on a bigger stage.

The top entry from each education level will also win a tour of district Hortus, followed by a meeting and pitch session with project director Green Innovation Hub and special guest. Don’t miss this opportunity!

This is how you participate!

Take part:

Registration completed? Now you can get started in Minecraft

Download Minecraft Education and find the world “Schools Reinventing Netherlands” in the library.

Schools Reinventing the Netherlands

What is important to know?

All the information at a glance for parents, carers and teachers:

  • Are you a parent or carer and want to know more about the challenge? See parents’ guide.
  • Are you a teacher? Check the teacher’s guide for more information about the challenge.
  • Don’t have Minecraft Education yet? Go to the official Minecraft Education website and follow the steps there.
  • The world is made to play individually and/or together. Want to know more about how to play together in Minecraft Education? Ask your teacher.
  • Can’t figure it out? For questions email

Partners Schools Reinventing Nederland start in Almere