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Major area developments are currently taking place in Almere and Flevoland, such as Hortus, Pampus and Zuidoever. For future-oriented building and as an example for the Netherlands, we are looking for innovative digital solutions in the field of sustainable energy, mobility or smart living.

Entrepreneurs with ready applications can participate in the Green Innovation Hub contest ’24 where there is a chance to win the Golden Award. Curious? Check the button below for more information.

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A technology-driven innovation hub for sustainable and inclusive living environments

The Green Innovation Hub is an open innovation ecosystem that enables collaboration between public and private partners within the municipality of Almere and the province of Flevoland. Furthermore, the Green Innovation Hub facilitates and promotes the acceleration and scaling of market introductions of digitally-driven innovations at strategic locations. Can your company or organization contribute to building a sustainable and inclusive city? No matter where you are located, consider connecting with the Green Innovation Hub: a place for networking, collaboration, and innovation.


The place to contribute to the city of the future

Companies, governments, educational institutions, and other organizations come together in the Green Innovation Hub. The cross-pollination of their diverse ideas and expertise results in the sustainable and inclusive living environment of the future. The focus is on the development and scaling of digitally-driven innovations in the fields of construction, food, energy, mobility, and inclusion. Building together with the Green Innovation Hub offers your organization the following advantages:

  1. Greater economic impact.
  2. Improved strategic positioning and visibility.
  3. An attractive incubator and environment for talents such as start-ups, scale-ups, and education.

Three programme lines

The Green Innovation Hub offers partners a place to meet, collaborate and innovate. There are three programme lines:

  1. The community programme: meetings with content and inspiration. Content, form and organiser are dynamic. Both the Green Innovation Hub organisation and all participating partners can initiate events and invite guests – based on supply and demand and via easily accessible digital tools;
  2. The Partner Programme: innovation programmes that validate, build and scale up digitally-driven innovations;
  3. Access to Open Innovation Locations: the Corridor (Schiphol, Amsterdam, Almere and Lelystad) and event locations. There, digital-driven innovations can be scaled up. The Green Innovation Hub and Natural Pavilion are available to validate and build the innovations.


Our partners


At the Green Innovation Hub, partners can meet and inspire each other. The Green Innovation Hub ensures sufficient strategic visibility and positioning and, because of the organisation of events, continuously attracts new partners, resulting in a growing innovation ecosystem.


The Green Innovation Hub brings parties together and facilitates cooperation between them. They can collaborate on solutions to shared (societal) challenges linked to the themes through the facilities of the Green Innovation Hub.


The Green Innovation Hub offers the opportunity to test and validate digitally-driven innovations in a real-life setting. In doing so, the Green Innovation Hub provides connecting partners and data in an open innovation ecosystem.

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