Minecraft Almere Pampus Challenge

Help build the future district of Pampus!

In Almere’s Pampus district, there are big plans for the future. There will be 30,000 new houses and space for businesses. More than 60,000 people will live and work there. It is important to take nature and the climate into account when building these houses by also using smart technologies for this purpose. At the same time, we must ensure sufficient food, sustainable transport, clean energy and that everyone feels welcome and connected.

Would you like to contribute to the future Pampus district? Sign up for the challenge in Minecraft Education and help build Pampus. Your ideas will help us figure out what the new city district should look like.


How does the challenge work?

Want to know how you can participate in the challenge to make a difference for the future district Pampus in Almere?

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