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In today’s dynamic landscape, the key to success lies in collaboration. The Green Innovation Hub firmly believe in the power of partnerships between companies, government and educational institutions to drive innovation, growth and positive change. In a world where technology connects us in unique ways, the Minecraft Almere Pampus Challenge exemplified the power of communities coming together to achieve remarkable feats. Check out the video and join the Green Innovation Hub.

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It’s inspiring to witness the incredible work of our young talents. They are the architects of the future and they’re currently building virtual cities where companies can find their next digital solutions. Whether you represent a company, government department, or educational institution, we invite you to connect and explore how we can collaborate to make a meaningful impact on our shared goals.

  1. Fresh Perspectives: young talent brings fresh and innovative perspectives to the table. They’re unafraid to challenge the status quo and reimagine how things can be done.
  2. Cutting-Edge Tech: these virtual cities are powered by the latest technologies from Microsoft and Iamprogrez. Companies can tap into this tech-savvy generation to incorporate cutting-edge solutions into their operations.
  3. Collaboration Opportunities: collaborating with these digital pioneers can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships. Your company can gain a competitive edge while offering mentorship and growth opportunities to the next generation.

Find the Green Innovation Hub (NL Pavilion) at the Smart City Expo World Congres in Barcelona, and let’s meet each other. Together, we’ll keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Minecraft universe and to build the house – or even the city of the future. Also stay tuned for upcoming advantures, events and challenges on our channels (image: Daan Klunder, ACM).

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