FAQ – Minecraft Almere Pampus Challenge


The challenge is for anyone who would like to share their ideas about the new Pampus district. The campaign around it focuses on schools but anyone can participate.

The Municipality of Almere would like to involve the residents of Almere and possible future residents of the new district in the plans for the new district. To do this, the Municipality of Almere, in collaboration with the Green Innovation Hub, has issued this challenge.

Minecraft is a great online environment where, as a player, you have all the space you need to visualise your ideas. Minecraft therefore provides a great platform for this challenge. Within Minecraft, there is a specific version, namely the Education version. This version was chosen so that schools in the region can easily join in to share their ideas. In addition, the Education version is free. Which of course is nice.

You certainly can. Minecraft Education is free to play without a school account. If you have a Microsoft account, no matter what kind, you can log in 10 times for free to work on your challenge.


You do not need to register separately for the competition. However, it is useful if you subscribe to the newsletter. This will keep you informed of the latest developments about the competition. You will also be told when a round closes.

Certainly! You can play with multiple people at the same time in the same world. Just remember that you can only upload one world per challenge. So, make sure you all play in the same world. Want to know how? Check out this link from Minecraft Education. Also, mention in your pitch that you've collaborated with a class or group on the world.

Each time, extra attention will be paid to one of the 5 themes. Make sure you make your entry before the deadline closes to be included in the judging round. After the round closes, all entries will first go through a general check to see if it is a serious entry. In this, we will mainly check whether it is actually built in line with the challenge. After this round, the entries will be assessed for content along with the pitch. From these, 10 nominations will be submitted to a professional jury. They will eventually announce a winner.

The jury will consist of professionals from the field involved in the future construction of the new district.

You may. The competition is not about who produces the most beautiful building, but who comes up with the best ideas. If it helps you to use cheats to best convey your idea, by all means do so!

Briefly and concisely explain in your pitch how you solved the challenge. Explain what you have built and why. In it, try to answer the questions in the challenge as well as you can.

There will be different prizes per round. Through the newsletter, you can find out which prize applies to the round you are playing in.


Minecraft Education can be downloaded for free from the official website. After you have downloaded Minecraft Education, you need to install it on your device. Want to know how? Then follow the steps on the official website of Minecraft Education.

Once you have installed Minecraft Education, you can download the world file of the challenge. You can do that on this site. After you have downloaded the world, open the file which will make Minecraft Education automatically open and load the world.

To export your world after completing your challenge, you must first close the world within Minecraft Education. Then, in the overview of 'my worlds', you will see the Minecraft Pampus world. Click on the world and then don't click on play but on 'manage' and then on 'export'. You will now download your world file (.mcworld file).

First, complete your challenge in the Minecraft world. After you have completed it, return to the Green Innovation Hub. Speak with the person who gave you the challenge to finish it. You now have access to your certificate. Click on that button to view your certificate. Scroll down a bit to also find the upload button for your world and to see the place where you can leave your pitch. Please note that you can only upload .mcworld files up to a maximum of 50MB. If you want to upload a larger file, please contact support@iamprogrez.com via email.

On the website of the Green Innovation Hub, you can sign up for the newsletter. This data will only be used for the newsletter and for counting the number of participants interested in the challenge after the project. The information you provide to iamprogrez for your certificate will only be used for the competition and for contacting you regarding this competition. If you would like to know more about iamprogrez's data policy, please contact support@iamprogrez.com.