Everyone counts

Everyone matters and everyone counts. From young to old and from poor to rich, and regardless of characteristics such as ethnicity, philosophy of life and sexual preference. Through its communication and policy, the parties contribute to a society in which such inclusion is self-evident; a society in which people feel more connected to each other. Now that society communicates more and more digitally. This has a major impact on everyone’s life. Technology can prepare our living environment for the future, but for many people the developments are going very fast.

Digitalization as a tool

Digital technology can alienate people from each other, but equally it can help restore or increase social connection between groups of residents – for example, students, those living alone, families and seniors. In doing so, society becomes more animated. Within the Green Innovation Hub, companies and organizations work together on digital innovations and solutions that promote this social connection.

Through virtual encounter to less loneliness

Thus, social innovations are being developed in the realm of virtual reality. Encounters in the real, physical world are essential. However, through Virtual Reality, additional opportunities are arising to also facilitate digital encounters with other neighborhood residents that are experienced as real. This can help combat loneliness among the elderly, for example. But also the accessibility of products and services. Skilled and conscious scaling of stores in cooperation with the municipality of Almere and eventually other cities in the Netherlands.

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