Clean energy for a liveable environment

Using clean energy is crucial to combat climate change and keep cities livable. The Green Innovation Hub develops digital solutions that promote more efficient energy use. Parties also develop innovations that accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources. In collaboration with companies, educational institutions and government bodies, new technologies and strategies are being developed that actually further promote the use of renewable energy sources.

Different areas of focus

The focus here is on:

  1. Collective solutions, for example in the sphere of joint energy management on business parks, where companies together form a ‘grid’. In this way, peak needs of individual companies in their energy consumption can be smoothed by ‘grid balancing’. As a result, all companies on such a site can make more frequent use of irregularly available clean energy sources, particularly solar and wind. Thus, they become less dependent on “gray,” fossil energy sources;
  2. Digital innovations in areas such as hydrogen, biomass and wind and solar energy. Consider energy storage.

Towards fuel-efficient homes

Almere is also focusing on creating a sustainable and smart energy infrastructure for its residents. The innovative power of the Green Innovation Hub is once again accelerating this effort. Currently, homes in Almere are already equipped with smart meters that provide real-time energy data. This allows residents to make better decisions about their energy consumption. The city is also encouraging the installation of solar panels on homes. In addition, Almere is exploring new ways to integrate renewable energy sources into the city’s energy grid.

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