Sustainable building thanks to digital technology

There is huge potential in the construction sector to reduce climate-unfriendly greenhouse gas emissions by applying new, sustainable technology. The Green Innovation Hub contributes to implementing (new) construction projects and area development in a sustainable, inclusive and climate-adaptive way. This is done including the latest developments and latest digital technologies in the field of bio-based, circular, modular, parametric and chain-oriented building.

Active contribution to circular construction sector

The contribution of this innovation incubator to sustainable construction is far-reaching. We encourage:

  1. Residential construction innovation;
  2. Sustainable bridge construction and development;
  3. Bio-based and nature-inclusive construction;
  4. Sustainable and circular development in the construction sector.

Towards new connections between farmers, builders and citizens

A good illustration of that importance of chance encounters is the molding floor in today’s The Natural Pavilion. It is made from a bio-resin that incorporates seven tons of rejected spinach seed as a reinforcing material. This CO2-friendly produced floor is the result of a chance meeting between people from the construction world and the world of seed breeding. Such solutions are only becoming more important. Indeed, Almere Pampus will be built – if at all possible – biobased. Residual materials from agricultural production are indispensable here, as are new connections between farmers, builders and citizens.

Do you also want to make a difference in the field of
bio-based building?