The CityLab is all about meeting, collaboration and innovation.

In collaboration with partners, the Green Innovation Hub has launched a new initiative: CityLab. This initiative aims to showcase the latest data-driven technologies for area and city development. Visitors from various sectors, including business, education and government, are invited to find inspiration and collaborate on innovative solutions for the city of the future during ideation sessions.

CityLab is a lively environment where your questions and ideas on mobility, inclusion, energy, food and construction are welcome. It is the place where all our programmes come together, resulting in an inspiring atmosphere where meetings and collaborations come easily. The CityLab is the place where creativity and progress come together!

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Space for inspiration

“Imagine waking up in a house surrounded by greenery. You take a deep breath and fill your lungs with clean air. As you leave your house, you pick some vegetables from your roof for lunch.

From the moment you start your day, flipping the light switch, turning on the kettle or opening the tap, it is the small actions that are effortlessly supported by technology and data. Technological advances guarantee clean air, drinking water and available energy, allowing you to do what you want.

However, we don’t do this alone; we do it together. Together, we are building a future where life and technology go hand in hand. But what does this future look like? What role will data play in it? And what technologies can help us shape this future?

Enter our CityLab on the 9th floor where innovative, data-driven solutions for the sustainable city of the future will be presented. Get inspired and discover what sustainable contribution you can make to the city of tomorrow.”

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Integration Applications & Data

From living in a smart future home to visualisations and virtual realities? Behind the demo zone is a world of sensors that collect, process, transmit, share and visualise data. What does that world look like? What is being measured and who is involved? In the visualisation below, you can see how different applications for the future house with green roofs are monitored for air quality and food production. You can also see how the data is then standardised and linked together. This data comes together in a server, a platform that collects all the data in the Demozone, interprets it and then makes it available for visualisation. This is displayed in dashboards, digital twins. In the VR space, you can interact with this data.

CityLab partners

Our mission is to tackle the world's two biggest problems: climate change and air pollution. Air pollution threatens our planet and our health. It affects 99% of people worldwide. There is an urgent need to address this crisis. The three key issues: Environmental impact, Health risks, Business consequences.

We specialise i the construction of sustainable roofs in all shapes and sizes! This includes solar panels, green roofs, utility roofs and reflective roofs. Besides constructing a sustainable roof, we are also happy to take care of the roof construction and renovation of your roof! Sustainability is one of Babylon Daken's core values. We think it is important to do our bit for a more sustainable world. That is why we would like to share our knowledge with you. Sustainable roofs have many advantages and there is a suitable variant for almost every roof.

Leaf stands for Let's Expand A Forest, how we can green the space around us with simple and well-designed solutions. At our Leaf Factory, we design and produce various pieces of furniture, all of which contain a Leaf basin filled with our plants. The tropical plants are grown in a tray at our partner VDE and are available in two sizes. The Leaf medium tray for all our tropical and outdoor plants and the Leaf small tray for small tropical plants and especially edible crops. Our furniture can be placed in your office, hotel or restaurant as stand-alone, hanging from the ceiling or on the wall, including grow lights if it is too dark. We have developed furniture for keeping edible herbs, including a complete circular herb model. Ordering the trays from your wholesaler brings the harvested trays back to the grower. We think beLEAF into expanding that forest so for selling every 5 medium trays, we donate a tree to grow somewhere in Europe. The city needs to go green again, as well as the rest of our world. Website:

There is an invisible danger in many buildings: excessive CO2 levels. Do you also want to know whether the air quality is sufficient in your building? And would you also like to monitor this over a longer period of time so that you do not have to take unnecessary and often expensive measures? By measuring humidity, CO2 and temperature with our in-house developed Climate Sensor the indoor climate becomes visible/measurable. With this insight, improvement proposals can be made or not. By making this transparent for everyone, you show people that you care about their health.

Is a software development company that develops custom software and likes to work on projects that have social impact. The Social Farmer initiative, in collaboration with Urban Farming Cooperative Oosterwold, is an example. Website:

A software platform on which the 'planability' of the global food market and the flexibility of local, specialised production come together through smart coordination of capacity, sensor data and machine learning. This with the aim of optimising the use of urban farmland, enabling the creation of a dignified short food chain. Website:

The specialist in Data Management. With our passion for data, knowledge of local governments and belief in the power of networks, we contribute to the development of cities. Professional data management, for cities where data serves smart applications. Which reduce operational costs, lead to sustainable solutions and improve services. With a hands-on approach and based on extensive practical experience, Civity collects, supports in all possible data issues. Data is findable, securely available and optimally deployable for innovative applications.

WeCity enhances the livability of cities by developing and integrating Smart City solutions in public spaces. As a service integrator, WeCity offers a Smart City catalogue of certified solutions that are safe, secure and interoperable. Our service management portal gives you full insight into your smart city assets. Together with our partners, we provide scalable solutions that have a positive impact on sustainability, mobility, inclusiveness and livability of public spaces and the environment. Website:

Fun and progress with every connection. VodafoneZiggo makes valuable connections, between people and for people. We are the driver of Dutch digitisation, building the network of the future. We use the power of technology to make society stronger.

Argaleo develops and sells ICT services, applications and support for businesses and government. Our mission is to create value for our clients and users from data. Economic value and social value. We do this in the form of online "Digital Twin" solutions that provide the right insights into social issues.

We are a collaboration between people, an organisation. We embrace and integrate differences; we are diverse and inclusive. CollaborAll integrates and organises the cohesion between the processes and information exchange needed to build a structure. We remove inefficiencies from processes and organise data so that the right information, in the right version can be shared with the right parties. We do this by using (open) market standards for processes and data formats, and where these do not suffice, we realise them ourselves...

WE Labs sets up ecosystems, cooperation coalitions and development platforms, together with business and government, supported by academia, financial schemes and innovative technology. We do this as a quartermaster, connector, advisor, project manager or co-entrepreneur, among others. Website:

Future City is the first smart city network that focuses on the demand of the city (as formulated above in our vision). A sanctuary for municipalities and other authorities to develop and experiment with their own solutions. We seek answers by connecting urban planners and technology professionals. Website:

The DMI ecosystem builds liveable and future-proof cities with governments, businesses and knowledge institutions. DMI is partly made possible by the National Growth Fund. Website:

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