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Exploring smart mobility with Barcelona’s delegation

On the 27th of September, the Green Innovation Hub proudly welcomed a delegation from Barcelona for the “Smart Cities A to C exchange program.” The program aims to share knowledge and experience related to solutions for urban mobility and mobility hubs.

Particularly inspiring were the presentations by Jarco Doeven and Thijs Muizelaar from Gaiyo, who shared Gaiyo’s ambition for simplifying mobility in a world where cars often remain unused, traffic congestion is on the rise, and trains are overcrowded. Gaiyo aims to address this inefficiency by centralizing all forms of mobility in one accessible app. This makes it effortless for people to navigate urban areas, with Gaiyo serving as “One key for all mobility” for everyone, everywhere.

Additionally, Gerry de Koning (Gemeente Almere) and Joris Moonen shared insights into the challenges of sustainable mobility in Almere, where DMI (Dutch Metropolitan Innovations) plays a crucial role in connecting mobility, sustainability, and public spaces. Within DMI, the Digital control in public space (DRO) initiative focuses on sustainable urban development, including projects in Almere. Collaborating with the Almere municipality, six projects have been outlined, ranging from the implementation of mobility hubs to researching the cycling network using monitoring and data.

These efforts represent significant strides towards more sustainable and efficient urban mobility for all. Together, we aspire to build an international ecosystem and create new opportunities for the mobility sector.

Posted by Xander Bakker, 28th of September